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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.
Canadian Wilderness in Woodland Caribou Park

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Pre-planned routes are available or we can help you customize the perfect route just for you!
Canoeing with Sunset Canoe Outfitters


Words cannot describe the beauty of the Canadian wilderness!

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Relax in the tranquil north.
Enjoy the benefits of unlimited free time.
Soak up the solitude and peacefulness of being immersed in nature.
Enjoy quality time with friends and family.
Deepen your relationships as your forge thru the wilderness.
Make more memories than you ever imagined.
Let the experienced guides at Sunset Canoe Outfitting make your adventure an unforgettably wonderful experience.


Andy and Amanda Powell - Owners of Sunset Canoe Outfitting
Thanks for your interest experiencing the Canadian wilderness with Sunset Canoe Outfitting!
We're the Powell's
Let Us Tell You About Ourselves

Hi, we are Andy and Amanda Powell. It is our love for the Canadian wilderness and its people that bring us back every summer to visit Pakuni Lodge (owned by Amanda's parents). These visits are filled with adventures, family and the great outdoors. It was these great experiences that birthed the idea of sharing our backyard accessibility with others; using Pakuni Lodge as a launching pad for Sunset Canoe Outfitting.
Sunset Canoe Outfitting

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Caribou Provincial Park

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